Supplier of Top Quality Discus in Central Scotland

Based in the central belt of Scotland RT Discus are primarily hobbyists specialising in the Discus fish, RT Discus is run by Tony Hodgon.

Our objective is to make available top quality Discus in Scotland at the most competitive prices and allow people to see and pick their own fish. We currently have a variety of top quality fish available for sale, so have a browse around our website and our facebook group page. We are happy to share our experience and will give advice freely.

Our discus are imported from Asia.

We also supply a variety of products to help keep your discus.

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Aquarium Sand

Scottish aquarium silca quartz sand - 25kg



Market leading beefheart - 500g


Discus Granules

Tetra prima granules, developed to meet the specific needs of Discus and other fish - 300g


Protein Pellets

High grade sinking pellets - 400g


Aquarium bogwood

Prices from


Items for sale

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